Redeem a promo code

step by step guide for Android devices

Learn easily how to redeem a promo code like the one we have sent you, with the following step by step guide.

Download the app now for Android 👉 👉 👉 and iOS 👉 👉 👉 

1 – First of all, download the Der Die Das app and then launch it on your device 🙂

Redeem a Promo Code: Download the app and launch it

2 – At your first game launch you will be prompted to create a username and a password (Guest users are not able to redeem the code).

Redeem a Promo Code: Create a username and a password, (Guest users won’t be able to redeem the code)

3 – After that you will receive a “Wanna Take A Test First” screen.

Redeem a Promo Code: You will receive “Wanna Take A Test First” screen.

4 – You can play the first test or skip it 😉

Redeem a Promo Code: You can play or skip the pre-test

5 – Then go to the store icon on the lower main page of the game.

6 – Choose the all game purchase option on the bottom. 

7 – Click continue to open the available options.
8 – Choose “Redeem code” from the payment methods as bellow,

Redeem a Promo Code: Choose “Redeem code” from the payment methods 

8 – Insert the Android promo code and redeem it

🙂 Enjoy!

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